colouring outside the lines of conformity

Interior Design Norfolk White Space Home Founder Sadie sitting on a chair with materials in hand

White Space Home - Where individuality meets design

We're White Space Home - Interior Design & Styling based in Norfolk and East Anglia. Your space should be as dynamic and vibrant as you are. Led by Sadie, our passionate founder, we specialise in creating personalised spaces that celebrate your unique style.

Our role extends beyond creating beautiful interiors (which goes without saying, btw). We believe your home is an extension of your ever-evolving uniqueness - an intricate tapestry woven from the layers of your stories and experiences.

We're here to break free from conformity, creating vibrant spaces that tell your story. Explore our interior design services for Norfolk and East Anglia or visit our stop where you can discover the essence of design at your fingertips.

Transformations that inspire

At White Space Home, we go out of our way to curate spaces that harmoniously blend style, functionality, and your individual experiences. Each project we've undertaken in Norfolk and East Anglia has been more than just a design undertaking, each new project is a pledge from us to capture your essence, creating spaces that resonate with your identity. To colour outside the lines of conformity.

Crafting spaces that speak to you

Just as the name suggests, White Space represents the backdrop to where creativity meets tranquillity, and Home encapsulates comfort and our individual nature. We focus on interior design & styling in Norfolk and East Anglia.

Create your OWN UNIQUE interior

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