Crafting Spaces, Narrating Stories *

With White Space Home, you are not just redesigning a space; you're uncovering and crafting your style. We believe homes are living narratives – constantly evolving, just like you. Our commitment is to inspire confidence in your design choices, offering support and guidance for a home that you will cherish long-term.

More than design - a Personal Journey

White Space Home began as Sadie's vision to infuse the world of interior design with bold, fun, and sustainable choices. It evolved from an eclectic online shop to a bespoke interior design haven.

Today, we use Sadie's colour expertise and curation talents to transform spaces into personalised stories.

Sadie White - Owner, Founder, and Creative Soul

From photography to travelling and architecture for inspiration, my life is fuelled by creativity, endless cups of tea and a drive to make every space tell a story.

After a vibrant upbringing, my love for colour and interiors flourished at Leeds University of Arts where I studied a degree in Printed Textile and Surface Pattern Design, it was through my roles within fashion buying and footwear product development I honed my eye for standout design.

White Space Home is where my passion for creativity and individual expression finds its true home. Here, I love to bring uniqueness to each project, ensuring your personality is the cornerstone of every design.

what our clients say

Customer Opinion

“Sadie has been a delight to work with, she has a real eye for design and colour, and has been a much-needed sounding board throughout our projects. Sadie took the time to visit and through her design questionnaire and curious nature, she really got to know us and our vision. Sadie listens and gently steers and is not afraid to suggest different ideas. Sadie helped make what could have been a stressful process fun and enjoyable - I am really pleased with the end results and would not hesitate to recommend White Space Home.”

– Hannah - Essex

what our clients say

Customer Opinion

"We are thrilled with the 'snug room' Sadie helped us create in our home. From the onset, Sadie seemed to effortlessly grasp our aesthetic, totally understanding our tastes. She shared our vibe, making collaboration productive and enjoyable.

Sadie's down-to-earth nature made discussions about the room straightforward, and she made us feel at ease throughout the process – we could have chatted for hours! Our 'snug room' is now a cherished space, reflecting our personalities and style alike, we love it!”

- Angie

what our clients say

Customer Opinion

"I discovered Sadie when I was trying to sell my house. The market was slow with more properties for sale than buyers. Initially I was guided by the estate agents to leave it as it was, but it drew limited interest and 2 months later with only 4 viewings and no offers. I decided to employ the help of an interior designer and staging specialist.

Sadie looked at how to optimise the spaces and how to best curate the interior for the viewers to positively see how to live in such spaces. The visit was followed up with a detailed email outlining her suggestions including pointers as to where to source things without incurring significant expense. The end result spoke for itself: I had 14 viewings within the next 3 weeks and accepted an offer (one of 3) on my home. I highly recommend Sadie and wish her everything of the best."

– Cheryl-Anne Cox

what our clients say

Customer Opinion

"Sadie was a wonderful help when choosing fabrics for my upholstery projects. She has a wonderful eye for colour, but is not afraid to suggest some different ideas all of which meant that my project ended up looking stylishly unique. I would not have got the end result without her. Her bravery and hand holding meant the result was outstanding.

It's like having a very stylish friend helping you! A lovely process."

– Claire Brady

what our clients say

Customer Opinion

“I was left feeling enthusiastic about getting stuck into the project using the colours and ideas we had discussed. Great experience.”

– Steph Baker

Embrace Uniqueness

Celebrating the quirky, the eccentric, and everything in between.

Creative Innovation

Where bold ideas meet fun – think outside the box, dance around it, and then redesign it!

Authentic Connections

Building relationships with a dash of humour and heaps of understanding.

Sustainable Futures

Crafting timeless designs with both heart and conscience.

Joyful Journeys

Injecting a dose of fun in every design adventure laughter is a key component in our toolkit.

Our Guiding Principles

Crafting Together

Our design process is a partnership. We delve deep into your world through questionnaires, conversations, and constant communication. It's about discovering the nuances that make you unique, ensuring these subtleties are woven into your space.

Embracing your uniqueness, for your home, is a reflection of your journey. Let's create a space that's unmistakably yours.
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