Expressing your authentic style through interior design *

Are you tired of following interiors trends that don’t resonate with your true style? I know I am bored of seeing the same things over and over again, so I’m here to encourage you to break free from the mould, to give you the tools to identify and embrace what truly reflects you. Your home should be a backdrop that honourably showcases your individuality.

Define your style

Let’s have a bit of fun with a short exercise that will help you to define your own style.

Image 1. Georgian house with modern extension by Adam Knibbs via Dezeen. All other imagery via Canva or are my own.

A bit of fun

Identify familiar patterns that will help to define your taste. Are you drawn to bold clashes of colour, a mix of design eras, or simple modern minimalim? Uncover the hues, textures, and meanings behind what you love and let them become your inspiration.

Start by answering the following questions visually – you can do this by collating imagery that represent each answer. I have made this easy for you with a free mood board template via Canva (all you need is to register for their basic account). You simply drag and drop your chosen imagery into the frames provided and if you want to think about it in more detail you can explain your reasons on the following page. 

You can find the Canva mood board template and prompts right here.

1. Questioning conventional trends

Visualise your dream house, or the architectural style – is it sleek and modern or full of farmhouse charm? Your favourite architecture or dream house style unveils a glimpse into your personal aesthetic.

2. The story of your favourite things

Look around. What treasures are important enough to be displayed on your shelves or walls? Whether it’s a collection of vintage vinyl records or cherished heirlooms, these items narrate your story.

3. Embrace what you love

Your spaces should reflect your passions. Consider your favourite pastime – is it lounging in a cosy reading nook or wandering around your local art gallery? Considering what it is exactly, about those things you love doing can help you to identify common patterns and details that can be woven into your home.

4. Fashioning your home and yourself

Clothing and accessories can speak volumes about your style. Imagine your favourite piece of clothing or accessory – think about its texture, colour, and vibe. (This ABSOLUTELY does not have to be something that you own, and definitely forget about the price tag!) Thinking about what it is that you love so much about that piece can give insight into how you would really like to live and building upon these little snippets of you, are worth factoring into a design.

5. The temptation of your favourite destination

Think of that one place that sets your heart aglow – whether you’ve travelled there or it’s on your bucket list. What draws you to it? Is it the ambiance, colours, or the mix of old and new? These inspirations help to shape your unique taste.

Finding your style

Explore the recurring themes. Do you gravitate towards vibrant contrasts, a mix of eras, or harmonious minimalism? Identify the colours, textures, and patterns that echo your individuality, now let them inspire you. By weaving a narrative that resonates with your individuality you can add layers of depth and character to your home, embrace your uniqueness and let your living space reflect your true self.

My answers

The obvious pattern that shines through from my efforts is overwhelming contrasts! Whether it be colour, textures or mixing old and new, contrasts 100% sum me and my style up!

More info

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