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Eoin Bastible - Homeowner
Eoin approached White Space Home at a transformative time; having recently moved into a new home with minimal furnishings and an undefined personal style. Eager to infuse his personality into his new living space and to create a modern, minimalist interior design, Eoin sought our expertise to discover and define his aesthetic preferences and create a living room that reflected his individuality and lifestyle needs.
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Minimalist Interior Design

Our approach was to start a journey of discovery with Eoin, employing a research-based approach to unveil and shape his style:
  • Inspiration Exploration: Developed inspiration pages to gauge aesthetic preferences and understand functional needs, lifestyle habits, and space utilisation.
  • Conceptual Development: Presented three distinct design concepts, allowing Eoin to engage with various styles and identify what truly resonated with him.
  • Investment in Personalisation: Focused on sourcing key pieces aligned with the chosen design concept and promised longevity and personal significance, ensuring that every item in his home had a purpose and place.

Design Highlights

The project's cornerstone was the philosophy of "nothing without reason," guiding our selection process to ensure that the living room was outfitted with pieces that were not only functional but deeply meaningful to Eoin. The space was transformed into a modern, minimalistic retreat tailored to offer comfort and tranquillity after long working hours.

Aesthetic Approach

In transforming Eoin Bastible's new home into a modern, minimalist sanctuary, our aesthetic approach centred on simplicity and purpose. Starting with a deep exploration of Eoin's preferences and lifestyle needs, we curated a living space that embodies minimalism as a style and a philosophy of living. Each element in the design—from the colour palette to the furniture—was chosen to enhance both functionality and tranquillity, ensuring every piece had a purpose and contributed to a serene, cohesive environment for this
minimalist interior design.

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Minimalist Interior Design Style

Outcome Highlight

Through collaborative exploration and careful curation, Eoin's living room now reflects his newfound style—modern, minimalist, and meticulously personalised. The journey from concept to completion allowed Eoin to understand his preferences better, resulting in a space filled exclusively with items that hold personal value and enhance his daily living experience.

We are dedicated to creating spaces that are not just aesthetically pleasing but are thoughtfully aligned with the homeowner's personality and lifestyle. By creating a living space that is both functional and a true sanctuary, Eoin’s home highlights the transformative power interior design can have on your lifestyle.

project review

“I employed Sadie to consult on the redesign of my living room after moving into my new home. Her meticulous attention to detail and thorough approach helped me to understand the importance of slowing down and seeing the space as a whole before moving ahead. Sadie gave thoroughly researched advice for, always considering longevity and the way in which I live to inform her designs. She helped me to understand her vision by providing visuals to see how each component would work together, giving me options at each stage of the process. I am really pleased with the outcome of the work Sadie has done!”
– Eoin Bastible
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