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For a while now, I seem to have accidentally been developing a new hobby and love for house plants. I am not especially green fingered, but I am having to get up to speed (or at least become reliable) in the areas of watering and repotting our plant collection that just keeps on growing. I mean growing in more ways than one; they inevitably keep on growing (as long as I remember to give them the love that they need), but the one thing that always keeps me interested is that they keep on having babies! It’s not just the expected succulents that seem to multiply at a rates of knots, (those of you who follow me on instagram) will already know that my favourite multiplying house plant of the moment is the Pilea. It’s relatively simple to look after and it seems that as long I give it a regular splash of water and keep it in some bright-ish light it will return my love by providing me with a whole family of Pilea babies (or cutely referred to as “pups" on A Beautiful Mess article about these little beauts).

Houseplants on desk in office Macrame plant hanger and houseplants on peg board in bedroom

I’m sure that in part my developing love of this hobby has been spurred on by some of inspirational posts on instagram and Pinterest, but there is more to house plants than the aesthetic beauty; house plants are good for you and good for your soul! Choose the right ones and they will help to cleanse and detoxify the air in your home - my favourite local garden centre Perrywood has written a piece here about which plants to select for this purpose. According to the RHS article ‘Houseplants: to support mental health', studies also show that houseplants have psychological benefits such as reducing stress and improving concentration. Plants are pretty incredible when you think about it. 

According to Alice Vincent writing for Stylist, this year it’s all about retro house plants, read her article "The retro plants to fill your home with right now”.

Caring for little green sprouts definitely gives a sense of satisfaction and nurturing those ickle green babies into a fully-fledged plant it really does feel like you have achieved! Here are a few of the instagram accounts that have been inspiring me, they are bound inspire you to #greenupyourgaff too.

Alice Vincent writing for Stylist, says that this year it’s all about retro house plants, you can read her article "The retro plants to fill your home with right now” to find out more here. "House plants back in fashion as health-conscious millennials buying them for wellness reasons, RHS says” The Telegraph give millennials the credit for bringing back this 1970’s trend with the purpose of achieving 'wellness’ to their homes. "As the renting generation often cannot afford gardens, they have turned to easy-to-rear house plants in order to fill their tiny homes with calming green, the Royal Horticultural Society has said.” You can read The Telegraph article here.

Whatever your reason for wanting to embrace the green life, it’s safe to say that plants brighten up and give a luscious look to pretty much any room in the house, they are also a relatively cheap accessory that can last a lifetime!

We stock a few items for those of you that are ‘green fingered’ so here are our favourite products in this category, perfect as we head into summer...

Sprout porcelain propagation dish  Kinto Aqua culture hydroponics vase 

1. Sprout 'Propagation Dish' - beautifully simple and made from in a minimal white porcelain, this clever little dish aids with the propagation of all sorts of bulbs, seeds a nuts. Designed to sit on top of any glass jar, this is the perfect excuse to reuse your glass jars and bottles. You can purchase Sprout in two different sizes here.

2. Kinto ‘Aqua-Culture Vase’ - versatile and flexible the 2 part aqua-culture vase is a modern take on the bulb vase, referred to by Kinto as a ‘hydroponics vase’ it is designed to highlight the beauty of a growing plant. Find the Aqua Culture Vase available here.

3. Cocoon & Me ‘Jute Rope Plant Hanger’ - These giant plant hangers are made from jute, which is a strong, sustainable and renewable natural fibre. Super in size and made with 12mm rope they are perfect for hanging up outside as well as in. Find out more about these plant hangers here.


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