How to re fold your Baggu bag!

I am a massive fan of our Baggu bags, in fact I tend to always have one on my whereabouts! They pack up small, they open up big and you never really know when you might need to use it - so definitely best to take one everywhere you go.

Baggu quilt stripe fold up bag Baggu cosmos print reusable bag Baggu Black and White Plaid Shopping Bag

It's quite interesting watching how different people in my family have approached repacking it into it's little pouch. I like to follow the rules and keep it neat and perfectly folded, my mum usually leaves it out of the pouch, and my husband (before enduring some 'staff' training) would literally stuff it back. What is your approach?

To make it easier for anyone wondering how to fit it back into the 12 x 12cm pouch, Baggu has make this short video so we no longer have to get spend time perfecting the folding technique! It's super easy and means that your bag will fit in you back pocket without you even noticing.

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How to fold your Standard Baggu.

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