Manifesto Hosts: White Space Home

Manifesto Hosts, is an exciting new initiative from Manifesto Woman. Founder Sally Emslie's vision has always been more than simply a secondhand retail outlet. Sally wants to "make second hand and sustainability desirable to a broader audience", with the ultimate goal of "driving meaningful industry-wide change in consumer purchase behaviour." Manifesto Hosts aims to give a wider platform for small sustainable brands to be heard.

"The vintage, secondhand and sustainability world is exploding – it’s such an exciting time but we know that start ups and small brands can struggle to get their voices heard." "Working together, as a community, we can create a singular, powerful voice that effectively cuts through... lifting all of us up in the process." says Sally, and we couldn't agree more.

Manifesto Hosts forms a "revolving spotlight on emerging vintage, secondhand and sustainable brands" all which have been handpicked by the Manifesto team. We are very excited to form part of this initiative and White Space Home launches for the inaugural Manifesto Hosts. We will be showcasing our capsule collection from Sunday 1st November which you can find here.

Thank you very much to Sally for her commitment to elevate us smaller brands and for using her platform to promote us and a sustainable shopping ethos.



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