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I fell in love with Ali Dover's textiles when I came across her account on instagram. A beautifully dark feed with images that have so much feeling in them. The colours are dark, but somehow have a sense of bright warmth at the same time. 

Ali grew up with a love of styling, trawling jumble sales from the age of 12 she looked for anything which caught her eye; vintage clothing, fabrics, and retro furniture became an obsession – things to put together in interesting ways, different textures, colours and shapes. Inspiration that has clearly filtered down to her range of home textiles and baby wraps.

Most of the products designed by Ali are actually baby wraps - beautiful fabrics that you want to wear with your baby cocooned inside. Definitely more attractive than your average utilitarian baby carrier. Her boho style has a real Ace and Jig feel so they are perfect if you are looking for 'something' which keep in line with your style. We all know how easy it is for that to get lost when you are knee deep pile of dirty nappies. 

When I researched the collection further, I was won over with the versatility of the range, not only are the baby wraps and homewares bold yet simple, they are also made with the purpose of longevity in mind. Ali describes the wraps as "suitable from birth, until your baby carrying journey means your wrap takes on other purposes, such as a blanket, sofa cover…" The cushion covers are made using a French seam - which purposely means they can be reversed if you fancy a change or simply just want an update. It is these details and thoughts behind the brand which make it align with our ethos of buying what you love and making sure it lasts. 

Find our Ali Dover range here.

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