RECIPE: Tomato, chickpea and dill salad

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Tomato, Chickpea and Dill Salad

I'm writing this recipe without taking any credit for it. I've never really eaten dill before - and don't usually know what to do with chickpeas (apart from make hummus) So I when I was introduced to this fresh and slightly hot creation when I was at a friends for lunch recently I was surprised that I liked it as much as I do. Having taken a mental note of what went in I have reconstructed it a few times since.

We ate it as an accompaniment to some warm quiches with a variety of delicious salads of vary kinds. I took my giant couscous, roasted vegetable and feta salad and they all complimented each other really well. The dill wasn't really strong, and with the combination of salt and chilli with the tomatoes, this has since been one of my regular go to recipes if I have wanted to make a quick, healthy and tasty salad. The chickpeas make it feel quite substantial making it a super healthy choice.


4/5 Large vine reopened tomatoes

400g Cooked chickpeas 

A decent bunch dill 


Chilli flakes

My favourite salad dressing - find the recipe here


Quarter and core the tomatoes and then chop each quarter into four again and add to a bowl.

Sprinkle a large pinch of salt and a smallish pinch of chilli flakes over the tomatoes, and give them a good mix to spread the flavour. 

Drain your chickpeas and add them to the tomatoes.

Get a good bunch of dill and remove the thicker stems, then roughly chop and sprinkle over the salad. I suggest adding the dill in small amounts so that you can adjust it to taste - now is also a good time to check you are happy with the seasoning and add any additional if your feel like it needs it.

Liberally pour over the pre-made salad dressing - recipe can be found here.

Serve with pretty much anything - although I find it is a great side order for quiche, salmon or cold roast chicken!

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