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You may have already read my post about cutting the waste from our home (if not find it here), so you will know I am on a mission to reduce the amount of plastic waste at home; although I am also the first to confess that design is also high up on my list of priorities, so when I was introduced to the beeswax wrap I fell in love – and even more so when I discovered Amber + Bumble – our trusty supplier who makes our exclusive range in the fabrics that I select. Think modern and bold prints that will definitely cheer you up, even at the thought of eating last nights left overs for your dinner. If you haven’t already heard about this alternative waste saving way to wrap up your left overs and sandwiches, let me introduce you…




Gone are the days where you need to throw out your scrunched-up bits of food wrap as rubbish, here come the beeswax wraps. Alexia from Amber + Bumble uses beeswax from her neighbours organic hives with 100% cotton cloth to make ours. The beauty is that the natural properties of the wax mean that with just the warmth of your hands, you can shape the already ‘cling-y’ wraps around your containers, jars, sandwiches or half pieces of fruit and vegetables (who actually eats a whole cauliflower in one go anyway?) They hold their shape, staying in place to keep your leftovers and lunch fresh and looking extra pretty.

I have found that not only are they simple to use, but they are also long lasting when treated with care. We know you will want to reuse them over and over, so here are my tips for keeping them in tip top condition:

1. Handwash your wraps from time to time in cool-ish water with a mild soap and simply towel dry or leave on the draining board to drip dry.
2. We store our spare wraps in the cutlery drawer where it is cool and dry, this way they are always ready for action, the small ones are particularly useful for wrapping up fruit and kids snacks to take out and about.
3. If you are that way inclined (I’m not often organised enough – and find that they are fine without), you can sterilise your wraps by placing them individually on a piece of greaseproof paper on a baking tray, then simply place in the oven on a medium heat for around 1 minute, remove from the oven and ‘waft’ until they are dry! For the purposes of keeping your wraps nice and cling-y, we suggest you only do this from time to time. Find my video blog with instructions for how to do this here.

With good care, your beeswax wraps should last for a year or longer. Once they have no life left in them, simply add them to your compost bin. There’s not much more to say, apart from the fact that it is safe to say your fridge will look a whole lot brighter when you open it up too.

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