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This is our very first ‘Shop the Look’ and a new way of shopping through our site. The main aim is to make shopping for a particular style simple as well as inspiring you to try out different mixes that you may not have considered putting together.

Scandi Boho and mid century interior accessories

If like me you like to mix up your style, then I’m sure you will be drawn to vintage pieces just as much as new. I find pre-loved pieces are often more distinctive and can be used to bring an unusual flash of colour or a quirky shape to your décor mix. I love that quirky vintage pieces bring the character and make my house, my home. 

Some of the biggest interior trends for 2019 are about bringing back retro mid-century styles, so I have maxed out with this vibe as it is also my favourite. White Space Home is all about buying into pieces that are made to last, so if it is longevity you are looking for in your home then according to Living Etc you can’t go wrong with mid-century; according to Lotte Brouwer “While many interiors trends have a sell-by date, Mid-Century Modern style somehow never goes out of style.” 

mid century and modern table accessories  Blue glass into aqua culture vase with vintage welsh tapestry placemats and bornn enamelware teapot and cups

We have a lot of mid-century furniture and accessories around our home, but for me the main thing is to make sure that they are mixed with plenty of modern pieces to ensure that you don’t feel like you are walking into the past when you come in through our front door!

To diffuse mid-century overload in our dining area, we have a modern soaped beech table from Hay, it has a pale pink hue to it which brings warmth to our mainly white room. We chose to pair the table with mix and match chairs that we have collected over the years - some are from ikea, some are design classics such as the Eames DSW chair and others are vintage like our Ercol windsor chair. By fusing these two styles I love that I can give old pieces a new lease of life and build an individual style that adds a story to my home.

The main feature for this ‘look’ are my favourite mid-century textiles; welsh tapestry. The patterns are always simple and geometric but they pretty much always include an amazing colour palette. Our tapestry table mats are black, orange and white and being reversible you can go with the bright side to make a statement with the pop of orange or swap it over and keep it subtler if you are not feeling so bold.

made century table mats with bornn enamelware black and white teapot and denby vintage cups  Welsh tapestry placemats with bornn enamelware black and white teapot and cups 

Natural materials are more important than ever right now (this is both when thinking about the environmental impact of your home, as well as the scandi-boho interiors trend that is out there right now), so I have included our vintage doily table mats to sit alongside the colourful tapestry ones. The natural material of the doilies works well with the dark green chevron Denby tea cups (a bit of a mid-century classic) and our monochrome marble bornn enamelware teapot and cups, making the overall look an eclectic mix. As far as far as I am concerned, no table is complete without some greenery and the blue glass aqua culture vase does a great job of bringing a subtle level of impact with it’s simple clean lines as well as being super versatile. Japanese brand Kinto designed this vase to highlight the simple beauty of growing a plant. It can be used as a bulb vase, to propagate cuttings as well as being the perfect shape to support a bunch of flowers. On the table there is also some cute little far eastern vintage plates which are decorated with green or brown circular shapes which look exactly like a pilea plant, I have arranged them on the table with small plant pots containing a baby pilea as well as some pretty grape hyacinths from my garden.

You can shop all the pieces in this look right here.

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