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According to the Evening Standard one of the biggest Scandinavian interior trends for 2019 is sustainability. They describe it as being 'the untrendy' trend - by which they mean avoiding fashions that change each season and instead buying into pieces that do not fall into these categories; therefore making them more long-lasting. 

    "One of the biggest interior trends in Scandinavia for 2019 is - believe it or not - the untrendy trend. In other words this year it is all about sustainability and staying away from fad trends that only last one season. Instead we are focusing on creating a personal home with investment pieces you'll keep forever, buying second hand and using natural long-lasting materials such as rattan, leather, linen and wood. This is a step in the right direction and a trend we can really get on board with!" You can read their full article here.

    This is a great news for us, because it is the exact ethos behind White Space Home. We want our customers to make considered choices that are long lasting, well designed and compliment their own personal style not someone else's. Add this combination to our carefully sourced selection of vintage and pre-loved items as well as keeping well away from plastic and we are on our way to a more sustainable home and lifestyle.

    We have listed our favourite products that fall into this ‘Scandinavian Sustainability’ trend below:

    Boho Vintage Hessian Doily Table Mats


    We love searching out and hand selecting vintage and pre-loved pieces. By doing the hard work for you, we have gathered together a vintage interior selection of daily accessories that can be mixed and matched with modern pieces to give you a truly eclectic home. We are firm believers that by adding vintage pieces to your home, you are adding to the products story and they are adding long-lasting style to yours. View these table mats here and find more vintage and pre-loved items here.

    Iris Hantverk Cork Soap Dish

    Iris Hantverk Natural Cork Soap Dish 

    Iris Hantverk Natural Cork Soap Dish 

    Made from 100% natural cork, the neutral colour will fit in with any interior style. The groves help keep your bath side clean by letting the soapy water drain off. Find out more about this product here. Iris Hantverk are a Scandinavian brand that started off in the late 1900's making brushes by hand to support visually impaired craftsmen, they still follow this ethos today.

    Iris Hantverk Cardboard Dushpan and Brush


    Almost too good to use, I can't help but be drawn to cardboard items and this dustpan and brush is enough to inspire me to want to do some cleaning... We love the Scandinavian clean lines of this set and the brush is super soft meaning it can get into all the nooks and crannies around your home too. Find this product here.

    Buffalo Horn Salad Servers

    The monochrome nature of buffalo horn means that these naturally sustainable salad servers will not fall in and out of fashion. They are a classic kitchen staple and the minimalist shape will retain it's modern feel as they age. Made from buffalo horn only at the end of the animal's life, these servers are made from a product that would often go to waste.

    Cocoon & Me Jute Rope Plant Hanger

    Bring a bit of the outside in with this 100% natural jute rope plant hanger; after all there is no such thing as too many house plants. We love that this hanger is made in a heavy weight rope so it is strong enough to be outside too. Did you know that house plants help cleanse the air? Not only do they look good, they do good too! This plant hanger is a available to purchase here.

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