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The colourful enamel kitchenware by Turkish brand Bornn was on my wish list the moment I started planning the launch of White Space Home. I get nostalgic feelings of my grandmother when I think of enamelware and Bornn reinvented this age old technique with their modern colours and fresh marbled patterns. 

You may wonder what enamelware has to do with sustainability and our brand ethos… I am a firm believer that making sustainable and eco-friendly choices as a consumer isn’t just about avoiding plastic everything, it is not always about buying everything second hand – it is instead about making sustained choices that last – buying items that you love because they are your style and not because they are ‘on trend’. These are the items that last – you won’t want to throw them away and move on to the next thing.

I still have some of my grandmother’s old falcon enamel pie dishes in my drawer which get used regularly. Enamelware was designed and made to last; it doesn’t smash when it gets dropped, it doesn’t stain, and it still does the job it was designed for at least 20 years later! Fast-forward to now and Bornn Enamelware has modernised classic enamel kitchen and tableware with fun colours and a collection that your grandchildren will want to keep (and realistically will be able to). For me, that is unquestionably a sustainable item.

A bit more about Bornn:

Bornn was established in 2015 by sisters Basak Onay and Oyku Thurston, both with backgrounds in creative industries, they wanted to create a brand which would fuse both of their skills as well as utilising local heritage. Enamelware is an artisanal process and Bornn has used their brand to empower their local community of crafts people; helping to develop innovative methods for utilising years of enamelling knowledge and keeping these skills alive.

All of Bornn’s collections are hand produced in Istanbul, the artisan makers use traditional kiln firing techniques to fuse glass onto heavy-gauge steel. Once the items are placed in the kiln, the varying temperatures of heat affect the colour intensity and pattern. It is this technique that makes each and every piece a completely individual and unique.

You can shop our Bornn range here.

Yellow Enamel Teapot Bornn Enamelware
Pink Marble Teapot - Bornn Enamelware

Bornn Enamelware Colourful Teapot

Colourful Enamelware - Bornn

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