Campervan conversion*

Hannah saverymuttu – CamperHan owner
Hannah undertook a unique and exciting journey on a campervan conversion for personal use and to share with others through rental. She sought to design a functional and inviting space and turned to White Space Home for inspiration, conceptualisation, and guidance on bringing her vision to life.

campervan conversion

Our role was to illuminate the path for Hannah, transforming the compact campervan interior into a cosy retreat that met all her requirements for the campervan conversion:
  • Inspiration and Concept Development: Provided Hannah with three design and colour concepts to kickstart the creative process.
  • Colour and Materials Consultation: Focused on refining a chosen concept into a fully realised design scheme, emphasising practicality and aesthetics.
  • Practical Yet Beautiful Design Solutions: We created a space that was durable and easy to maintain whilst feeling warm and welcoming for both personal and rental use.

Design Highlights

The campervan's conversion centred around balancing a bright, airy ambience with the need for practical, durable materials. The selected colour palette introduced warmth and brightness, enhancing the perception of space within the campervan's limited interior. Material selections were carefully considered, ensuring surfaces were attractive and easy to clean, fulfilling personal enjoyment and rental readiness.

Aesthetic Approach

In our aesthetic approach for CamperHan, we focused on maximising the compact space to create a cosy, functional retreat ideal for personal enjoyment and rental use. Our approach combined practicality with aesthetic appeal, using a warm colour palette and durable materials to enhance the sense of space and ensure ease of maintenance.

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Outcome Highlight

Completing CamperHan shows the power of thoughtful design when transforming small spaces. The van now radiates with a welcoming and cosy atmosphere, making it an ideal adventure getaway vehicle. The purposeful positioning of colour and materials has successfully married the aesthetic appeal with the practical demands of a rental space, ensuring that the van is beautiful whilst being built to withstand the rigours of travel and use.

The campervan conversion showcases White Space Home's versatility in adapting design principles to unconventional spaces - creativity and functionality really can flourish in even the most compact of environments.

project review

“Sadie has been a much-needed sounding board. She really got to know me and my vision. Sadie listens and gently steers, and is not afraid to suggest different ideas. Sadie helped make what could have been a stressful process fun and enjoyable - am really pleased with the end results and would not hesitate to recommend White Space Home”
– Hannah saverymuttu
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