A Christmas to last *

An unconventional and more sustainable approach to Christmas decor

What if this year you decided to throw away the traditional red and gold Christmas rule book and decorated your home in a way that feels truly personal to you? Even better, in a more sustainable way that makes a statement at Christmas and one that will last all year around. If you are looking to do things differently this year, I encourage you to ignore the conventional expectations of Christmas decor and instead embrace doing things your own way. Use what you already have or buy only pieces that you will want in your home for the rest of the year. Once Christmas is over, instead of packing everything away and putting it into storage for another year, appreciate the start of a new year and enjoy refocusing and restyling what you have. By redistributing and changing the way your items are displayed in your home you can enjoy them all year around.

I’m a firm believer that a home should be a place that represents who you are, your home should be a place that tells your story and Christmas time should be no different. I have created two opposing concepts to help you see Christmas decorations differently; these concepts are there to help you create a look that lasts and that can be adapted to fit into your home all year around.

Shop small, shop locally

Now more than ever it feels extra important to be supporting local, small businesses so I have tried to include only small independent shops and creative folk that are local to me in Norfolk and Suffolk. These are some of my favourite shops and designers; people and businesses I try to support when I can. All item details, including direct links to each item are listed at the bottom of the page.

NB: This blog is in no way sponsored and nor do I gain anything from it, I am just trying to support small and share the love.

Scandi brights

I have gathered inspiration from some of my favourite European and Scandinavian designers and stylists to come up with a colourful way to style your house this Christmas. By using bright colours, varied patterns and mixed textures you can create something unconventional to suit your own style. Explore a colour palette that you love with accessories that you will want on display throughout the year.

The way each piece is paired and displayed can be adapted to change the way the rooms in your home feel for Christmas as well as throughout the rest of the year. Colourful candles can be styled on the Christmas dining table with a fresh foliage wreath and will happily brighten up a corner of your living room for the rest of the year. Its the same with garlands and paper decorations – when on a Christmas tree they bring all of the festive feelings, however change where they are located and display them in a window the rest of the year and you can appreciate their handmade beauty for even longer.

Monochrome minimal

As before I have taken inspiration from Scandinavian styling. If bright and colourful isn’t your thing then here is a more minimalist, less vibrant approach which still creates a strong bold look.

Hang a minimal brass mobile so it twinkles with the tree lights or gently moves with the heat from the fire for Christmas and once the seasons change it will bring calming vibes as it catches the sunshine during sunnier months. Choosing how you style foliage can be adapted to create a completely different feel throughout the year. Go for evergreen eucalyptus and foliage with rich coloured berries at Christmas and in the new year look for signs of spring with blossom branches to display in your favourite statement vase on your dining table or the kitchen island.

Try to think about how each piece can adapt throughout the year when you are buying new, and remember to be flexible with what you already have. It is the styling of those pieces that makes them different and with which you can reframe your home throughout the seasons.

All in the detail

Here are the details of all the items featured in both concepts. All pieces are are sold locally in East Anglia or from an independent designer or maker.

  1. folded SIDE project – Paper decorations. £20 for set of 3.
  2. British Colour Standard – Multi coloured dinner candles, available from Jarrolds. £30 for set of 6.
  3. AyrTan – Recycled acrylic sun catcher. £59.65.
  4. Abigail Ahern – Larissa candle holder, available from Percy Langley – £35.
  5. Lisa Angel – Bright pastels dried flower bouquet. £32.
  6. Afro Art – Clemente cushion cover, available from Vanil – £58.
  7. Muuto – Kink vase, available from Vanil – £205.
  8. Hay – Tint wine glasses, available from Elm. £39 for set of 2.
  9. House of Pandas – Sprig cushion – £60.
  10. Hubsch – Lemonade glass jug, available from Elm – £49.
  11. Lappalainen – Handmade brass mobile, available from Tea + Kate – £225.
  12. Iamni Collective – Good things are coming flag, available from Southwood Living – £16.50.
  13. Heavenly Home Store – Brass fern decoration. £7.
  14. Afro Art – Heart garland, available from Vanil – £11.
  15. Hubsch – Aster drinking glass, available from Elm – £7 each.
  16. Ferm Living – Ripple champagne glass, available from Tea + Kate – £39 for set of 2.
  17. Muuto – Ridge vase, available from Vanil – £185.
  18. Organic beeswax candles, available from Southwood Living – £45 for set of 3.
  19. Present Time – Candle holder, available from Jarrolds – £34.
  20. Niki Jones – Velvet cushion, available from Vanil – £60.
  21. Afro Art – Patch stitch cushion cover, available from Tea + Kate – £38

Have a great time being creative with the pieces you love. Happy December. x

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