Use colour blocking in your home to create a modern interior *

Colour is a personal thing, however it can be easy to loose confidence when using it in your home. It is always easier to stick with the obvious, especially when you are not sure where to start. Whether you are into bright bold colours, or prefer to decorate your home with more muted shades, colour blocking can be a clever way to add interest and intrigue to the interior of a room.

Colour blocking doesn’t have to be as simple as painting different areas of your walls in different colours – by thinking more creatively it can add depth, create focus on architectural details and even lead you through a space. Don’t limit yourself to just using paint – there are other ways to explore colour using interesting materials and textures as well as playing with shape and line.

I am writing this blog post after feeling inspired by a recent instagram guide I posted. I’m still not entirely sure how instagram spreads ‘guides’ to my followers, so I also wanted to document the inspiration in my blog. The creative use of colour and materials is something I feel passionately about, so I am expanding on what I said over on IG. If you want to save the guide for reference, you can find the original post here.

Colour as a focal point

In a neutral space, colour can be used to focus you on a specific purpose. These blue stairs make a statement piece of the beautiful minimal style staircase as well as having the purpose of leading you up to the second floor. By keeping to an all neutral base colour throughout, even the muted paler hues are made to stand out and focus your eye on the staircase.

Create flow

By defining floor space in a single material, or by differentiating spaces with materials or colours can help you to create flow and segregation throughout your home. Using a single material or colour from an entrance area is extremely successful at leading you through a space; it is a detail that is really worth considering when your sight line is led from your entrance, right through to a room at the end of a hallway or when one room naturally extends on from the another. Conversely if you want to make a clear segregation of a space, use materials or colour differentiation to show a clearly defined divider.

Embracing a single material

If you love a particular material don’t be afraid to embrace it. There are so many ways you can treat a single material to give it a different look or feel. It could be as simple as changing the direction a material follows or staining or painting different areas. Simple changes to your chosen material can create a very different feel throughout your room.

Pattern popping walls

Make bold patterns pop by combining them with simple styling throughout the rest of the room. Maximalism has its place, however if you want something to shine, you need to give it the space to do so. Consider the shape and silhouette of furniture which when kept simple and modern will really make bold patterns stand out. Simplicity often makes the biggest statement.

White and rustic

Different textures bring different characteristics to a space. By creating a clear division using white paint, the line in the image below not only defines the space, but also modernises the room without distracting from the original architectural heritage and integrity of the building. Heritage buildings need extra care when decorating and renovating so before painting an old wall, consider using lime based or breathable paints.

Have fun

When it comes to colour, there are no hard and fast rules, experiment with different material and colour combinations and have fun creating a space that reflects your personal style and taste.

You can read more about how to choose a colour palette for your home in my blog post ‘5 tips to help when choosing a colour palette for your home.’ and how to create a layered interior here.

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