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The Colour Club. Finding Colour Inspiration with Sadie White. *

Welcome to The Colour Club.

Not an ‘real’ club, just colour loving folk like myself – sharing what we do, spreading the colour love and helping you to find colour inspiration too. The Colour Club is destined to form a regular monthly blog post – so keep an eye out to find more colour lovers like you and me.

Howdy, hello, hi!

I’m not going to do an intro paragraph for this post as that the whole point of this blog is to introduce me and my love for colour, so read on to find out more.

Tell us about you.

What do you do and why do you love colour soooo much?

I’m Sadie White, founder of White Space Home and A Paper Palette. I am an Interior Designer & Creative Colour Consultant.

Quite simply, colour makes me very HAPPY. It inspires me and getting outside ‘colour spotting’ (is that even a thing?) helps me to feel energised and full of joy! I see colour EVERYWHERE and unusual combinations are my fave way to cheer up. I love that something that is all around us can have such an impact on our moods, our frame of mind and the way we can see things from day to day.

What is your favourite colour, and why?

I find it hard to pinpoint a single colour. There are so many different options to look at – how can you even begin to choose just one?!

I get much more excited by the way a group of colours interact with each other. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE bold contrasts. Neutrals with pops of really strong bold colours – that’s my favourite. For me, opposites really do attract when it comes to colour. I also must not forget NEON YELLOW – it goes with everything in my opinion, in fact I’d go as far as to say neon is a neutral when used in the right context.

What are your top 3 go to places for colour and design inspiration?

The great outside.

I love to look for colour inspiration everywhere I go. Be it on my doorstep, 3000 miles away or ANYWHERE. Getting outside NEVER fails to provide. I take photos wherever I go – capturing colour, shapes and pattern whenever I see it – you never know what ideas might come from them.

Other peoples houses!

Call me nosey – but the way other people think and do things fascinates (and annoys) me. And so seeing the different way people use colour, design, layout or anything in their homes always intrigues me. Looking at how other people have approached something can make you think differently as well as providing a solution you didn’t even know you needed!

* I include stately homes in this answer. If you know me already you will know how much I love a grand manor house and its grounds.

Derelict buildings!

I grew up next door to a (now derelict) dairy farm. The colours from the old machinery, the rusty barn roofs and old agricultural rubbish always catch my eye. Look out for our ‘Heath Farm 01’ and ‘Heath Farm 02‘ colour palettes inspired from the colours right next door.

What is your fave colour combination right now?

I have just returned from a holiday in Lanzarote and Cesar Manrique is my new idol! So anything retro looking is winning for me right now. Deep orange, bright forest green, off white and black-ish-brown all offset against what I am calling ‘pool water’!

Although a very baron place, Lanzarote was full of colour inspiration, from the crazy earthy landscape, the black sandy beaches, turquoise seas and the bright tropical foliage, there are so many contrasting elements to inspire.

More on that coming soon… but please be patient whilst I sort through my 1429 photos!

The Colour Club

Stay tuned for more colour inspiration, and colour stories in our Colour Club series, where each month we plan to introduce you to the creative minds of other colour loving folk. Next up will be Steph Baker – Abstract artist and passionate colour lover.

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