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Sadie & Casper - family home renovation
Sadie alongside her husband Casper undertook the ambitious journey to breathe new life into their own family home with bespoke design solutions, transforming a gem untouched since the '70s. Sadie used her expertise throughout the renovation of the house; consulting with the architects from the early stages of planning and embracing the opportunity to add her own signature style to the interiors of their now modern family home.
bespoke design solutions in living room with colourful layout and blue custom design bookcase

personality meets modern

A personal project including comprehensive layout planning and aesthetic direction, touching every core area of their home—living room, kitchen/diner, bathrooms, snug room, and bedrooms. Sadie embraced every stage of the interior design which included:
  • Strategic Layout Planning: Crafting functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces tailored to their family's lifestyle.
  • Material and Furnishing Sourcing: Selecting colour, materials, furnishings, and lighting that complemented the modern vision they aspired for.
  • Bespoke Design Solutions: Custom storage and display units were designed throughout the house, enhancing functionality without compromising on style.

Design Highlights

The master bedroom became a standout project feature, with its ceiling height and roof lights inviting an abundance of natural light. An angled wall served as the perfect backdrop for a bold colour splash, balancing the room's spatial dynamics. Bespoke three-quarter height birch ply wardrobes, capped with a pegboard-style shelving system, ensured the room maintained its airy feel while providing ample storage and display space.

Aesthetic Approach

A playful yet cohesive theme of bold, fun colours ran throughout the house, linking each room with vibrant paint, textiles, and furnishings in this bespoke design solution. Linear contrasts in paintwork and tiling added depth and character, while a minimal material palette underscored the home's crisp, modern ambience. Purpose-built storage solutions were meticulously designed to meet specific needs, including hidden laundry areas, integrated appliances, and custom pegboard and display shelving, demonstrating our commitment to personalised, functional design.

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bespoke design solutions with a vintage edge on this kitchen come living space with groovy 70s chair

Outcome Highlight

Sadie and Casper’s home underwent a dramatic transformation, emerging as a space that perfectly mirrors their personality, is functional for their family's needs and their modern living aspirations.

This transformation of their own home highlights Sadie’s s dedication to translating spaces into personalised narratives with bespoke design solutions, where each corner tells a story, and every element reflects the homeowner's story, journey and personal style.

project review

"We LOVED this house, something about living in it for four years before we touched it, meant we could let the journey and stories unravel throughout the design. This house delivered on modernity, fun and fond memories, all entwined throughout the interiors."
– Mr & Mrs white
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