Materials Matter *

Elevate your space with our Materials service, designed to enhance your design with texture, depth, and character. An extension of the Colour Conversations palette, we curate materials and finishes that complement your space's colour scheme. From the initial consultation to the final presentation of selected materials, our expert guidance ensures your space looks stunningly cohesive and feels uniquely yours.

Refining textures that add depth and distinction to every space

materials matter

Discover materials that change your whole aesthetic

our materials matter projects

Sadie white space home
Materials moodboard purple and orange
Materials appointment with white space home
Materials matter moodboard neon yellow and burnt orange
Materials matter moodboard playing with different materials for a kitchen
Materials matter moodboard for a blue, yellow and orange style living room

colour outside the lines of conformity

Transform your space into a masterpiece of texture, depth, and personality. Building upon the foundation laid by your Colour Conversations palette, we meticulously select materials and finishes that will harmonise with your chosen colours, enriching your space with layers of style.

From the moment we begin with an initial consultation to the unveiling of the final selection of materials, our expert guidance is at your side, ensuring your space not only looks breathtaking but also distinctly reflects your essence.
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