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3 ways to save space when planning storage solutions

Many people struggle with storage (or lack of it) in their home. Either you feel like you haven’t got enough storage, or that you don’t have enough space for anymore. However, there are ways around it. You will need to be clever and create storage solutions that expand your space. In this blog post, we will discuss three ways to save you space when planning storage solutions.

Image: String Furniture desk / bedside table.

Multipurpose furniture

Multipurpose furniture is there to serve more than one purpose, it can help solve problems, offer flexibility and to create space, as well as save it. It is a great solution when you already feel like you don’t have enough room. We designed a bespoke dining bench which had concealed storage for children’s toys and stationery whilst we were working on an open-plan family room project recently. The goal was to solve the issue many families face ‘what to do with all the toys?’ whilst utilising a space where the other seating solution would have been to have a standard bench or chairs. We also created a gallery space to display the family’s collections and artworks by incorporating a shelf on top of the seat back which was a fun way to bring the family’s personality to the room.

Creating bespoke multipurpose pieces will always offer the best solution, however if you are looking for off the peg options, design classic brands such as String Furniture or Vistsoe have some excellent modular solutions that can be customised create versatile solutions to fit a multitude of spaces.

Bespoke built-in storage

Often, we think we don’t have enough storage or that we have run out of places to put it, that is where bespoke, built in storage comes into its own – it uses less space, it is bespoke – so it fits, and it can be designed to function exactly as you need it to. It is a great way to extend your space and by thinking outside of the box you can utilise space in a versatile way.

Make a list

If you are planning a bespoke piece of furniture you need to consider exactly what your needs are. I suggest by making a list, and by looking at the room (or house) as a whole, you can really consider how many of your needs can realistically be resolved.

We were asked by a client to help make their sons open eaves bedroom feel ‘cosier’ in what was a very spacious room. They also needed a storage solution for wardrobe space, a place to store a spare mattress for sleepovers, as well a home for bedding and general storage as they didn’t have a loft space. By always referring to the functional requirements on our clients list, we were able to design a bespoke built in platform bed that incorporated all of their needs. The raised bed area helped to create a cosier environment and it was designed to incorporate wardrobe space that included shoe racking for various sports shoes, a chill out section to sit and hang out, a pull-out trundle bed on wheels, as well as a section with plenty of extra storage space for items that would have usually been stored in a loft space. You can see imagery and process from this project over on our instagram reel post.

Designing a bespoke piece, enabled us to solve the problems our client had identified, but we could also make sure the aesthetics fitted with the style of the whole house and the sons tastes too.

Storage that zones larger spaces

People frequently struggle with storage solutions when they have an open plan area; they don’t have as many obvious spaces to attach shelving to or places to position sideboards in front of, but when you use your space cleverly, and by creating partitions with storage you can fuse functionality and use your space more wisely. Visually it can really help to break the space up and it will create a more multifunctional room.

It may be that one area in your room is designed to be a relaxing living space, and now you are working from home more often you don’t want your paperwork and laptop to take over that relaxed environment. In this situation it may be possible to incorporate a bank of cupboards or full height open shelves to zone an area as well as creating a functional storage space.

Be clever

Clever storage solutions are essential for keeping your home organized and functional. With a little creativity and imagination, you can transform your home and create a space that is both stylish and functional. Remember furniture is also a great way to add depth to your space, it can be a different canvas for colour and is a great way to introduce new materials and add texture – you can read more about using colour throughout your home in our blog post 5 tips to help when choosing a colour palette for your home and view our ‘Colourful living room’ project for more inspiration.


Let the space you have inform the design. It may be that you have a pillar in a place that makes you think the position unusable, but often when you let the space determine the design, there will be ways to overcome the obstacle and to make the most of it.

Ask yourself what else would fit there? Could you build a bookshelf in front of the pillar, could you hide the pillar in a section of a wardrobe? Could it become a feature if you painted it a different colour?

More info

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