Embracing negative space in pattern through your interiors *

Not just my name’s sake, the name ‘White Space Home’ is also based on the design theory that white space plays a vital role in creating a sense of visual balance and flow throughout a design.

The clever use of negative space in interior design, can completely transform a room. By intentionally incorporating pattern and design elements, while leaving ample ‘white space’, you can achieve a balanced and visually engaging environment. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of pattern and negative space in interior design and explore how you can effectively incorporate decorative elements to elevate your living spaces and create layered and focussed interiors.

Colourful landing from my old home, as featured in 25 Beautiful Homes Magazine.

Photography by Rachael Smith.

Understanding the power of negative space 

Negative space, also known as white space, refers to the empty or unoccupied areas in a design. In interior design, negative space plays a pivotal role in creating a sense of balance, visual harmony, and provides breathing space for the eye; allowing other elements such as pattern, artwork, and furniture to pop; creating a more considered and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Incorporating ceramic tiles for patterned surfaces

Ceramic tiles offer a versatile canvas for introducing patterns into interior spaces and often already incorporate the use of negative space to create an impactful and eye-catching pattern. Whether it’s a geometric motif, a floral design, or an intricate mosaic, ceramic tiles can add texture and visual interest. When using tiles, consider the size, shape, and how by mixing the colour of the tiles and their placement, you can break up a design to create more impact. By strategically leaving negative space between the tiles, you can enhance the overall pattern and create a visually dynamic surface. Bathrooms are a great space to experiment, there is so much scope for tiling!

Above: The power of pattern. Using negative space within pattern to transition from the front to the back of a space. Amazing design and imagery by M & M, Seven Sandy Cove.

White patterned zellige tiles from Otto Tiles.

Photography is by Maíra Acayaba via Dezeen.

Layering textiles for visual depth

Textiles play a significant role in interior design, offering a flexible way to introduce pattern and texture. One of the simplest ways to make an impactful change without major investment is by changing soft furnishings and accessories. Textiles can create depth and add immediate interest, and are a easy place to explore pattern, colour, and texture while leaving more structural areas clear to highlight these decorative details. By carefully balancing the use of textiles, pattern, and negative space you will bring clarity to a design and draw attention to the finer details. 

Above: Interior design and styling by White Space Home.

Harnessing the beauty of white space

White space is not just an absence of design; it is a powerful design element in itself, providing breathing space for details and design elements to shine. Sparse walls, flooring, and pieces of furniture provide a clean backdrop, instead allowing the details to take centre stage. The thoughtful use of white space creates a sense of balance, elegance, and openness in your interior design.

Have a look at how we used white space in this colourful family living room and this scandi inspired kitchen-diner leaving the artwork and colour choices to do the talking.

Incorporating negative space alongside pattern in interior design is a powerful technique that can elevate the aesthetic appeal of any space. The beauty of negative space lies not only in what it contains but also in what it allows to stand out.  

Simple monochrome functional interior design dining room with display cabinet and piano

Above: Scandi inspired kitchen-diner project, interior design by White Space Home.

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