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The Colour Club – Abstract Artist and colour lover Steph Baker *

Steph is my neighbour, we met shortly after I moved back to the house I grew up in a couple of years ago. She actually lives in the same house as one of my childhood besties – so it was really interesting to see how different her house was now compared to when I last stepped inside, over 20 years ago! 

I remember it as a beige and brown household back then. Very 80’s in style with a weirdly long brick fire surround that filled the whole length of the sitting room. The other side of the room there was a delightful brown, grey and beige striped polyester boucle type sofa. Brown was definitely the dominant colour there when I was growing up.

(Thankfully), Steph has a much more vibrant approach to interiors and her house has a lovely informal, eclectic and creative vibe. It feels so much more like home.

Think vintage furniture, white walls and beautiful, large houseplants. The walls are adorned with the photographs, artworks and creations of her children hanging alongside her own pieces – there is no hierarchy and each piece complements the next, there is a really warm and personal feel to her home. It is the perfect place for her and her young family to explore their creative and playful side.

I asked Steph a few colour related questions so you can get to know her, her work and why she loves colour:

Tell us a bit about you, what you do and why you love colour?

I am an abstract artist obsessed with colour and the way it can transform a space and transport a person.

When did your LOVE for colour come about?

Growing up I was surrounded by a mix of cultures and was drawn to the vibrant hues used in cultural visual art and textiles. I aim to pull positive energy into my work and love how bright colour combinations can do exactly that.

Can you share a story about a meaningful object or piece of art in your home that holds special significance because of its colour?

I purchased some small square canvases and offered them to my son who was about two at the time. We gathered the craft box and he was free to create. It was a joy to witness his uninhibited wholesome confidence and freedom of expression. The colours he chose and the shapes he created were limitless to me. Vibrant neons and finished it off with a flurry of glitter – a masterpiece was created.

His piece hangs proudly on my kitchen wall. His carefree playfulness is often a source of inspiration, pulling me back when I become stiff and serious with my work.

Do you have any practices or routines you have for exploring and appreciating colour in your everyday?

There are  so many inspirations for my work, it could be something seen by chance like a washing line full of beach towels or something more serious like a structure or piece of architecture. When you have a creative brain these things pop out to you and hide away in your head only to emerge later.

Do you have any favourite colour combinations that you love together at the moment?

For a long time, I have been in love with green and pink together, I often find myself reaching for an orange shortly after to finish off this fruit salad concoction. I also love to combine bright colours with white – or a lack of colour, this not only lets the colours stand out but gives a clean crisp finish to the whole thing. 

You can find Steph over on instagram where you can contact her directly to find out more about her work. She will be launching her website with a full portfolio and catalogue of her work very soon.

Stay tuned for more colour inspired stories in our Colour Club series, where each month we plan to introduce you to the creative minds of other colour loving folk.

You can find Steph here:

Instagram: @stephbakerstudio


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