About Us

A bit about our store.

White Space Home launched in December 2018 with the intention of providing a store that brings design led, new + vintage homewares that support reuse and a greener home. 

Making considered choices means that you can get it right the first time and not constantly be looking for the next item to upgrade to. Our products are selected for their aesthetic appeal, colour and making sure that each item works hard to be a long standing choice that improves your green credentials. 

Mixing vintage products is the ultimate way to reuse, and to me it adds to the story of your home. Vintage can be mixed with modern homewares so that you can build your own narrative.

A bit about me.

I grew up in a creative, colourful home with a mum who was always looking out for different bits of vintage pottery to add to her shelf.

My mum was (and still is) always on the look out for a quirky piece that fitted into ‘her’ style. I’m sure it is this that has inspired me throughout my retail and design career to make choices that stand out and don’t always follow the crowd.

Colour, pattern and simplicity are key for the choices I have made when curating the products included in White Space Home; all with the aim of making sure that the whitespace in your home works hard to enhance the pieces you select.

I hope you like it.

Sadie xx