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Corkcicle x Poketo Canteen Water Bottle

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Corkcicle x Poketo Canteen Water Bottle

Cool kids Poketo have collaborated with Corkcicle to make the Corkcicle x Poketo Canteen Water Bottle a piece of “art for your everyday”.  The pairing of Poketo’s graphical prints and Corkcicle’s triple insulated canteen bottle means that come rain or shine these bottles will keep you feeling bright and your drinks perfectly cool (or warm if you wish). Made in limited edition, get the Corkcicle x Poketo canteen water bottle whilst it is available.

Drinks can be kept cold for more than 24 hours or warm for up to 12 - and if you like your drinks to be at room temperature, it can maintain that too!

Investing into a reusable bottle will naturally help to fight against the plastic waste culture and with the tough durability of a Corkcicle bottle they are infinitely reusable.

Corkcicle X Poketo Canteen Water Bottle

Each one of these prints is individual to the bottle meaning you will have one of a kind. The colour and pattern are the same, however print placement will vary and will be unique to you.


  • Holds 475ml (16oz)
  • Approx 24 cm H x 8 cm diameter
  • BPA & Lead free
  • High quality stainless steel
  • Non-slip base
  • Triple Insulated
  • Handwash only