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At White Space Home, we champion the uniqueness of your personality through the spaces you inhabit. Our array of interior design services, are designed to guide, inspire, and transform your home or business into a reflection of who you are; encapsulating your aspirations, lifestyle, and personal narrative.

Transforming Your Space with Unmatched Creativity with our interior design services

Your journey begins with our design discussions session

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Unlocking potential with every conversation


Unlock the power of colour to reflect your unique style with our Colour Conversations service. We simplify the process of selecting the perfect colour scheme to express your individuality and enhance your space's ambience. From an initial discovery call to creating a custom palette and a final presentation, we ensure every colour resonates with you.

Investment: £275


Elevate your space with our Materials Matter service, designed to enhance your design with texture, depth, and personality. Expanding on the Colour Conversations palette, we curate materials and finishes that complement your space's colour scheme. From the initial consultation to the final presentation of selected materials, our expert guidance ensures your space looks stunning and feels uniquely yours.

Investment: £275

mood board

Kickstart your design journey with Mood Board Mastery, where we transform your ideas into a visual roadmap. This service combines your vision with our creative expertise to create bespoke mood boards that offer clarity, direction, and inspiration. It's the perfect step to visualise your project's potential, tailored to your style and needs.

Investment: £350
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Elevating property potential

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transform your home

Embark on a design journey that promises more than just aesthetics—it's about creating spaces where your personality thrives. Discover the difference of designing with White Space Home, where each project is a new story waiting to be told.
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