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Often when I start a new project my clients will describe their style as either minimalist or maximalist – but how does someone who sits in the middle describe themselves? There is plenty of us around and I would categorise myself in this group. I am writing this blog to inspire those of us that sit in that middle area. The people who want to create a clean, minimal look in their home – but who still want to bring an element of fun and to enjoy a colour statement without overpowering the space. In my recent post about choosing a colour palette I discussed using a single, favourite, colour to decorate a space; and that is the basis for today’s post.

Using just one colour for your space might seem like a boring, or uninspired choice, but using a single colour palette can actually make quite a statement. By using different tones, shades and textures within the same palette, you can create a beautiful, contemporary bathroom design.

Using a monochrome colour palette

The meaning of monochrome is often confused – people mistakenly believe it to mean the use of only black and white shades, however, it actually means using different shades of one single colour – which for a colour lover like me is way more exciting! I am going to be using green to explore the idea of a layered monochrome bathroom design. My goal is to show you how a single-coloured palette, really can make quite a statement – it is a great way to create a simple, modern and clean interior whilst also building a colourful home.

Choosing a green colour

Green is a perfect colour for the bathroom, it is often described as a refreshing and tranquil colour as well as being thought to relieve stress and help to heal. By going green in the bathroom, we can help to create a calming environment ready to relax in when we get a moment to enjoy a soak and a pamper.

When it comes to choosing a green shade, the possibilities are endless. You could go for a soft mint green, reminiscent of fresh spring leaves, or a bold emerald green, evocative of deep, lush forests. Whatever you choose, make sure you use different shades, tints, and tones of your chosen colour to create a dynamic and interesting space that still feels cohesive.

Of course this concept can be applied with all colours – the main thing is to keep to a single colour and to use multiple tones or shades of your chosen colour.

Create a contemporary bathroom with contrasting materials and textures

By choosing interesting decorative choices such as terrazzo tiles, coloured brassware and a coloured concrete sink for example, you can elevate a basic concept to create a really contemporary bathroom. Combining different textures will give you the layered interior that brings balance and depth to a room. Don’t be afraid to bring your personality even to a bathroom. One way to do this is by choosing towels, flannels, and bathmats that feature vibrant tones and geometric designs in your chosen colour statement. Bold bathroom textiles will definitely upscale the fun.

Keep the backdrop simple

If you have a simple backdrop, there is always more space to play with accessories. Consider adding a statement mirror, wall art, or decorative objects to further enhance the overall aesthetic of the room. By taking these small steps, you can transform your bathroom into a stylish and inviting space that reflects your personality and taste.

How to achieve a colourful, minimal bathroom design -the ingredients:

If you want to achieve a similar style bathroom, here is a shopping list of the items included on the mood board above:

  1.  Paint colour by Little Greene – Salix (99).
  2. Stacked porcelain tiles by Claybrook – Mazzani Sage – £68.80 per m/2.
  3. Terrazzo style tiles by Claybrook – Chunk Moss Big Chip – £48 per m/2.
  4. Mint green tap, find similar at Dowsing & Reynolds.
  5. Green and ecru checkerboard bath towel by Hay available from Nordic Nest.
  6. Striped green hand towel by Quiet Town.
  7. Green polished concrete modern wash basin by Kast.
  8. Striped towel bath mat by Quiet Town.  

You can learn more about creating a layered interior throughout your home, by reading our post here.

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