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Angie Farrow - Homeowner
Having recently moved into their new home, Angie and her husband Dave, sought White Space Home's expertise, in collaboration with Hanna Buck, to update their property's kitchen/dining area with functional interior design. They aimed to transform this dark, north-facing space from dull and uninspiring to a vibrant heart of the home.
Functional interior design kitchen diner space with cat on kitchen counter

A unique family home

Our mission was to realign the interiors, to enhance aesthetics and improve the functionality of the space. The project encompassed:
  • Color Scheme Update: Injecting a modern, crisp palette to brighten and refine the space.
  • Integrated Design Concepts: Unifying the kitchen and dining areas into a cohesive, inviting environment.
  • Layout Planning: Optimising the space for both practical use and entertainment with functional design.
  • Bespoke Furniture Design: Including a custom dining table tailored to the room's dimensions and style.
  • Fabric/Material Guidance: Selecting textures and materials to complement the new colour scheme and enhance the room's warmth.

Design Highlights

A Scandinavian glazed dresser became a focal point, allowing light to filter through and beautifully display the client's crockery and tableware collection. This strategic addition, along with a tailored colour palette and contrasting textures, softened the ambience of the north-facing room, making it brighter and more welcoming.

Aesthetic Approach

The renovation introduced a modern, contemporary feel, with strategic furniture choices creating distinct 'zones'—from a cosy reading nook with vintage chairs to a dedicated piano area—making the room functional for the entire family. The updated colour scheme and improved lighting design modernised the space and enhanced its warmth and functional deisgn, turning it into a favoured gathering spot.

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Functional design space dining room with focal geometric light shades and a family dining table

Outcome Highlight

Angie and Dave’s kitchen/dining room transformation highlights the impact of thoughtful interior design. The space now boasts a brighter, more functional layout, where every element—from the bespoke dining table to the dedicated reading and piano areas—contributes to a harmonious, modern living experience.

This project is an example of our ability to create spaces that are not just visually appealing but are tailored to the lifestyles and preferences of those who inhabit them, ensuring the kitchen/dining area is now a loved part of their home that focuses in on functional design.

This project showcases White Space Home's commitment to transforming everyday spaces into areas of beauty, function, and joy, proving that with the right design approach, even the most unfavoured spaces can become the heart of a home.

project review

“I absolutely love my new scandi inspired kitchen and diner. Previously the room felt dark and cold, and I felt disconnected from the rest of the house when cooking. Since the work, the room is much more inviting and functions brilliantly for family life and when entertaining. The support White Space Home provided helped me to work through colour, fabric and layout decisions relieving the stress and ensuring that all the choices worked perfectly together. We all now use the space much more and the comfy seating area is a lovely place to sit and enjoy a moment to myself. Thank you for all your help.”
– angie farrow
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