Trefoil Snug *

Angie Farrow - Homeowner

Angie and her husband continued their journey of home personalisation with the transformation through the home, seeking a multifunctional snug room design infused with their distinct tastes and functional needs. They envisioned a cosy retreat that could cater to their diverse hobbies and lifestyle.

Multifunctional Snug Room Design

A multifunctional cosy retreat

Our goal was to transform the multifunctional snug room design into a vibrant, yet cosy space that reflects Angie and her husband's personal style while accommodating their needs for listening to music , reading, crafting, and relaxation.
  • Functional Layout Redesign: Optimised the room's layout to accommodate a vintage radiogram for their record collection, comfortable seating for reading, and ample space for crafting activities.
  • Bespoke Furniture Selection: Curated a selection of furniture that complemented both the aesthetic and functional requirements of the snug, ensuring each piece contributed to the room's overall comfort.
  • Material and Fabric Guidance: Carefully selected materials and fabrics that added warmth and texture, making the space inviting and suitable for its various uses.

Design Highlights

The snug's redesign focused on creating a warm, inviting atmosphere that seamlessly blends multiple functionalities. The introduction of a bespoke crafting corner, alongside strategically placed comfortable seating and the vintage radiogram, ensured the room met all the homeowners' needs without compromising on style.

Aesthetic Approach

The renovation introduced a blend of vintage and contemporary elements, creating a snug that serves as a personal retreat for music, crafts, and relaxation. The carefully chosen colour scheme and thoughtful lighting design enhanced the space's functionality and mood, making it a favourite spot in their home.

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Multifunctional Snug Room Design

Outcome Highlight

The transformation of the snug room into a multifunctional and aesthetically pleasing space reflects our commitment to aligning design with the homeowner's lifestyle.

Angie and her husband now enjoy a perfectly tailored snug that caters to their hobbies and relaxation needs, embodying their personal style and enhancing their daily lives.

Inspired by the transformation of the Trefoil Snug? Let's create a space that reflects your unique lifestyle and tastes. Contact us today to start your own design journey or view more projects for further inspiration.

project review

“We are thrilled with the 'snug room' Sadie helped us create in our home. From the onset, Sadie seemed to effortlessly grasp our aesthetic, totally understanding our tastes. She shared our vibe, making collaboration productive and enjoyable. Sadie's down-to-earth nature made discussions about the room straightforward, and she made us feel at ease throughout the process – we could have chatted for hours! Our 'snug room' is now a cherished space, reflecting our personalities and style alike, we love it!”
– angie farrow
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