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Anna & Marcus - Self build homeowners
A property that blends modern vs rugged. Situated in an area celebrated for its outstanding natural beauty, their project received the green light under the Paragraph 79 planning clause. This special provision, also known as the country house exemption clause, grants approval for extraordinary designs in locations where planning permission would typically be challenging to obtain, setting the stage for their dream home to take root in a place close to Anna's heart.
modern rugged interior design

modern vs rugged

Anna and Marcus undertook their dream project, constructing a unique family home, and reached out to us for our expertise in planning and visualising the interiors. We closely collaborated to design concepts that would complement their exceptional architecture and accommodate their adventurous, outdoor-loving family's lifestyle.
  • Inspiration and Concept Development: our goal was to ensure the interiors matched the architectural ambition and reflected their pragmatic and vibrant family life. They envisioned a home that balanced modernity with a nod to tradition, a "workshop style" interior that was both modern and enduring.
  • Colour and Materials Consultation: The essence of the home was rooted in contrasts—modern interiors set against a rugged agricultural backdrop, mirroring the family's spirit.
  • Renewed Design: Anna's desire to incorporate and upcycle existing furniture added a layer of complexity and creativity, allowing us to blend different eras and styles seamlessly.

Design Highlights

The collaboration resulted in a home perfectly encapsulating hardwearing practicality with aesthetic appeal focussing on modern vs rugged. Material contrasts were key; soft textures like velvet and lime plaster were juxtaposed with robust elements like steel, concrete, and plywood, embodying the family's essence and connection to past and present lifestyles.

Aesthetic Approach

In designing the Zigzag House for Anna and Marcus, our aesthetic approach fused modern design with rugged durability to reflect the home's natural surroundings and the family's dynamic lifestyle. We focused on contrasts that blend sleek modernity with traditional elements, using materials like soft velvet against robust steel and plywood to create a functional yet inviting space.

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modern rugged interior design living space

Outcome Highlight

A considered and strategic use of materials narrated a cohesive story throughout the home, enriched with personal touches and sentimental collections, ensuring the space genuinely felt like theirs. The successful fusion of modern and traditional and the thoughtful incorporation of individual and upcycled items created a living environment that resonates with their identity as well as meeting their practical needs meeting the modern rugged interior design style perfectly.

This project, while challenging, demonstrates the effectiveness of understanding and creatively translating clients' lifestyles and personalities into their living spaces, making their homes a true reflection of their family stories.

project review

“We asked Sadie to help us with the interior of our new build home. From the start Sadie was an excellent collaborator and guide! She prepared different boards for each room - giving us clear choices to help guide us. She took time to get to know each of the children to help get their bedrooms not only to be individual but to be fundamentally ‘their’ design. Sadie really helped getting the details right for so much of the fitted furniture - she designed and produced detailed drawings for cupboards, bathroom cabinets, platform beds, bookshelves etc - all of which we could hand to the builders ready to turn into reality!

She designed bespoke furniture for us and sourced the right people to make it - having access to the knowledge base and contacts of professionals was so useful in finding the right people to work on different aspects. Sadie was conscious of our budgets and also meticulous in her inspections - catching things which hadn’t been executed quite to spec and helping us make sure the builders delivered what exactly we had asked for. She noticed things we had not! Most importantly Sadie was easy to work with.”
– Anna & Marcus
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